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Elizabeth Parat presents hand painted glassware at Corkscrew
Pointe in Mchenry, Illinois.... Painted Wine Bottles and
Painted Wine Glasses....the Finest in Art Glass


Wreath & Merry Christmas Hand Painted Wine Bottle

hand painted glass art hand painted Christmas Wreath with Merry Christmas

Hand Painted wine bottle glass art with Merry Christmas and wreath



Merry Christmas & Wreath Wine Bottle

Celebrate this Christmas by giving a one of a kind....hand painted wine bottle. This wine bottle is hand painted with a wintery scene consisting of traditional green wreath with a "Merry Christmas" greeting.

See the staff at Corkscrew Pointe to find out how you can get your hand painted wine bottle or hand painted wine glass personalized or customized.

You can use the contact button on the left side of this webpage...please mention Corkscrew Pointe. You can pick up your glassart at Corkscrew Pointe in Mchenry!