Sunflower collection for glass art by Liz Parat
Christmas Collection  

Elizabeth Parat, Liz, midwest artist specializing in glass art or art glass

The SunFlower Collection was inspired by our good friend Lara Larson. Lara, a commited Christian, went to her Heavenly Home in April of 2004 and left behind a husband and seven young children. Lara had a love for life and the things of God. She was a special person and anyone who crossed her path was changed by their meeting!

Lara loved sunflowers and grew them around her home in the many gardens around the house. It was a sight to see. The sunflower is bold, big , and as strong as a tree. Each head produces 100's and 1000's of seeds which give life to new plants and the process continues on and on.

sunflower with butterflies

One very warm, late autum day, the insects were in a frenzy and the sun was strong. I've never witnessed a sight like this picture. At one time there were up to 10 butterflies on each head. Click here to take a look!

Please keep in mind that the basic design of the Sunflower Collection can be applied to your desired set of Glass products. In fact any of these designs call be commissioned to be applied to just about any surface. Please e-Mail Liz for details!


Sunflower Collection

This collection of Sunflower glasses features the following:

(2) hand painted large ice tea glasses 16 0z
(2) hand painted medium drinking glasses 12 oz
(2) hand painted high ball glasses 10.5 oz
(2) hand painted small juice glasses 5 oz
(1) hand painted wine bottle (clear)
(1) hand painted flower vase

This package is priced as a Complete Collection. The package is discounted and includes shipping costs.

*The price for the package is $95.00 and the shipping cost of $22.00 (UPS, (United States Only) will be included is for 3 day delivery. Guaranteed

Deduct $22.00 if you will be making a personal pick up!

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Liz Parat Sunflower Collection of Glass Art
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Sunflower Collection
HighBall Glass

This elegant design is hand painted on each piece by Liz, this results in every piece being an individual work of Art.

Glass size is 10.5 ounces.

These are highball glasses, perfect to use during the summer months, however, I don't have to tell you that if you were to bring these out during the cold months of January thoughts of summer and summer fun would dance through you mind!

Each glass only costs $8.00

*Shipping will be added after the order is placed.

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Liz Parat Sunflower Collection of Glass Art, Highball Glass
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Sunflower Collection
Flower Vase

This flower vase is beautiful! I apologize for the poor picture. The picture was taken in the bright early autum sun and because of the glass shape it was difficult to stop the reflection.

This is a problem only seen by a camera. The glass is clear and attractively shaped. Of course the Sunflower image is painted as shown.

There is only one vase of this style, others will be of similar size and shape. The only difference is that they are smooth.

Cost for the vase is $25.00

*Shipping and handling will be added and you will be notified by email.

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Liz Parat Sunflower Collection of Glass Art
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Large & Medium Sunflower Drinking Glasses

These are large drinking glasses for ice tea or water. Beautiflly decorated with one large sunflower. As always the painting on each glass is covered with a clear protectant and the entire glass is heat treated.

Although they are dishwasher safe, hand washing these glasses and any in the collection will ensure their longevity.

You can purchase each large 16 ounce glass for $10.00 each.

Add the smaller 12 ounce drinking glass to your collection for $9.00 each.

*Shipping and packing charges will be applied after your purchase is completed and we determine the final destination and method of transportation.

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Sunflower collection drinking glasses for glass art
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Juice Glass Set

Juice glasses are 5 ounces each. These are part of the original collection and the design deviates a little from the basic design.

Click on the picture to take a look at the detail on these glasses. They might be just perfect for you!

These glasses come in sets of two. As you can see the design includes two styles. One glass has a sunflower with a vine and the other glass is designed with small sunflowers along the edge with small green rectangles below. A set includes one of each style.

You may purchase a set for $10.00

*Shipping and handling added when total order is confirmed, you'll be notified by email.

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juice glasses for art glass in the Sunflower Collection by Liz Parat
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Sunflower Wine Bottle

Liz takes bottles of various shapes, usually wine bottles and delicately paints one large sunflower with a vine. Each bottle compliments any set of glasses or is perfect simply for display!

There are only a few of these colored bottles, most are of clear glass. You'll be notified when you place your order. Or you can request a bottle having a specific tint. You can even sent us a bottle and a design will be painted, treated and returned to you!

You can send Liz an email by Clicking Here.if you have questions or requests, why don't you send us a note!

You can include a wine bottle in your collection for $20.00 plus shipping and handling*

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sunflower painted on wine bottle from the Sunflower Collection of Liz Parat doing glass art or art glass
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Shipping & Handling

*We want to make your buying experience as exciting and comfortable as possible! We also want to make it as affordable as possible for you.

Because we are shipping glass items and each order is so very different, it is beneficial to you, the customer, if you place your order and then we determine what the shipping costs will be.

When you place your order, we will receive an email notifiying us of payment. We will then work on putting your order together and we will contact you be email or phone to determine your desired method and timing of shipment.

It may involve a little more work to do it this way, however, considering what we are shipping it doesn't bother us to do it this way. Please be aware that the minimum shipping charges will be $15.00. Each shipment is double boxed, filled with a cushioning material and fully guaranteed by the shipping carrier. For questions, Click Here to send an email.


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