Will Soy Candles be the Leader to Light the Future?

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Ahhhh, the scent and sight of a burning paraffin wax candle and the appealing ambiance that it floats throughout a room! One may think that this scenario is innocence in its purest sense. There is, after all, that cozy feeling which makes one give thought to everything that’s good in this world. That is until you take the time to get acquainted with the darker side of the world of paraffin wax candles.

Did you know that paraffin is a petroleum by-product which means that paraffin wax may be a risk to the well-being of your health? How is that, you ask? Well after petroleum is processed into gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, diesel and other fuels, the excess waste is then used in the production of paraffin which contains harmful toxins and carcinogens. Hmmmm.

The black soot buildup on your walls, ventilating system, furniture and so forth after burning paraffin wax candles is similar in composition to diesel soot. This dirty matter makes a deposit of unwanted and dangerous pollutants into our homes that endangers the health and welfare of family, pets, and ourselves when breathed into our collective lungs. Studies have shown that cancer-causing agents released by paraffin wax candles are just as toxic as second hand cigarette smoke and can cause

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damage to the heart, lungs, circulatory system and nervous system. This is not a good thing.

Why then have scented candle sales increased to over 2 billion dollars annually over the last decade according to the National Candle Association? I’m not sure but I’d hazard a guess that the mesmerizing glow and soothing fragrances are part of why seven out of every ten households burn candles regularly.

Here’s a question, though, that I’d like to pose to anyone that subscribes to the rules of common sense. It’s the one that your parents or teachers of yesteryear asked when the majority was acting in an intellectually challenged way. I’ll paraphrase it here : “If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you do the same thing?” The same thing holds for paraffin wax candles but what alternatives are there to break this dangerous habit?

I’m glad that you asked. The answer is Soy Candles. Why the joy for soy? Soy wax is 100% vegetable by-product and not a petroleum by-product. Soy is completely non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and soy candles produce little or no soot to damage the surrounding room or to those with allergies or breathing problems. Soy wax is environmentally safe, biodegradable and is easily cleaned up with just soap and water.



on, I’m not finished yet….Soy candles burn cleanly and evenly leaving very little to zero excess wax on the sides of the jar to eliminate waste. They also burn cooler than most paraffin wax candles which will lessen the risk of serious burns from melted wax. These babies also burn 30 to 50 percent longer than paraffin wax candles which makes them more economical to use. They also seem to hold their fragrances extremely well compared to the naughty petroleum by-product kind.

Ok, Ok just one more reason to think soy. These candles are made from 100% soybean wax made from soybeans grown right smack here in the USA. So what? Well, this not only benefits our environment but also supports our local agricultural industry. It appears that soy candles beat those bad-boy cousins on every level.

Ya gotta get the facts before indulging in the pleasure of enjoying the world of candles. Think outside the box and do the right thing. Your life and others may very well depend on it!

About the Author

Brian is a partner in E-Connors Enterprises which builds and promotes various websites. He enjoys the world of candles and feels strongly about the health benefits of soy candles and the beauty of gel candles. Go to HeavenlyGelCandles.com for more info.

I hope you enjoyed the article on Candles and Candle Making! Better yet, I hope you seriously explore the possibility of setting up your own Candle Making Business. It will be a lot of fun and give you some extra spending money.....who knows, maybe you'll give Martha Stewart some competition :)

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