Steps On How To Make Soy Candles For Fundraiser Activities

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Most people love candles, and they just love collecting them for their homes. Collecting candles is a great idea but making candles is even better. Candle fundraiser activities have been known and used by many people for many purposes. Candles are easy to make, and you will enjoy it at the same time as raising money for a good cause.

Soy candles are best for candle fundraiser activities. They are much better and considered a healthier choice compared to the scented candles. Soy candles have benefits that can never be beaten by other types of candles. Soy candles can burn longer, up to about 50% longer than other candles because they burn slower. These candles are set at a lower heat temperature that is why the fragrance is distributed better.

Candle making is a fun activity and can make a great hobby. Your children and family members can even help you because they are easy to make.

First, you should have a mold in which the candles are formed. You can choose from cartons or metal molds and you can cut them to the desired height. If your children want to try making candles,

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they should start by making short candles because it will be easier for them to insert the molds into the wax.

Next, spray the inside part of your mold with silicone, or you can use a light wipe of vegetable oil. Then you cut a wick which is two to three inches longer than the mold. Attach a tab and stick it to the center of the bottom part of the mold with a little spread of melted wax. You can use a chopstick across the top of the mold so that it can be centered and straightened. Now you need the wax. To find out how much wax you will need, you must pour water into the mold and mark the level you desire. After you have marked the level, you can empty the mold. Be sure to keep the mold dry. In melting the wax, the melting point should be from 130-150F but you can also set it to a temperature of 180-200F.

Now you can break the wax into chunks or you can pare it off so that it will melt faster. You can either melt your wax by making your own can which is placed inside a pot of water that is half full, or you can melt it in the top of a double broiler pan. If you use a can, make sure that


it is not be too shallow because the can has the tendency to float. If it is shallow, the hot wax might spill. In order to prevent fire, you should keep baking soda on hand to toss on any flames that may flare up.

Then tip your mold a little so the wax can be poured down the side. Fill it to about an inch of your preferred level. You must keep the wax hot so that it stays melted. Watch the wax cool in the molds and your candle is ready. Soy candles use bees wax because they produce synthetic candles. You can apply drops of oils or vanilla to make the candle scented.

A Candle fundraiser is not that difficult to start. You just need the right materials and procedures in order to be successful in making your first candles for your fundraising activity.

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I hope you enjoyed the article on Candles and Candle Making! Better yet, I hope you seriously explore the possibility of setting up your own Candle Making Business. It will be a lot of fun and give you some extra spending money.....who knows, maybe you'll give Martha Stewart some competition :)

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