Religious Candles

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Religious Candles

As we all know, candles have been used for centuries to provide warmth and light and  have also been included in many religious ceremonies. The history of the candle is intimately connected with the history of religion and although the symbolism and usage varies from religion to religion the candle itself doesn't.

Candles have been used in Christian religious ceremonies for a great many years. They are generally used to symbolize the light of Christ. They are mostly placed on an alter for all to see. In the Orthodox denominations, the candles are lit by worshippers in front of religious icons as well as during the Christmas celebrations of times passed.

Candles are lit in Judaism at the beginning of the weekly Sabbath celebrations. They are also lit on during the Havdalah celebrations, marking the end of the Sabbath. One of the major Jewish holiday celebrations is called Hanukkah. It is also known as the Festival of Lights

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In the Jewish faith, this holiday is celebrated by lighting a candle in a special candle holder called a Menorah. The candles are lit each and every night of the eight day celebration and are intended to commemorate the dedication of the alter at the Temple in Jerusalem.

Candles have also been used in Pagan ceremonies. They are generally meant to represent the god and goddess. They are also used to represent the four elements in a ritual circle. In this instance, candles are lit and extinguished to mark the openings and closings of the ceremony. Candles are also used frequently during meditation, and when performing ceremonies of a magical nature.



Even in our modern era, candles continue to play a significant role in many religious ceremonies. In an age where the differences between the various religious denominations have become such a divisive force, it is refreshing to remind one another of the things we have in common.

In some circles, the candle has come to represent the light of reason or the concept of rational thought. Let us hope that the light of reason will continue to dispel the darkness of our differences.

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