How to make great candles

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There are many folk like candles. Candles are utilized every single day by numerous people for numbers of various purposes. We think of wax candles when the electricity supply goes out, we put them on birthday cakes and we might often utilize them to add a clean scent to our house. Wax candles can set the atmosphere for a smashing event or a relaxing bubble bath. There are so many superb things to do with candles.

However, if you have ever purchased candles before, you will be aware that they may often be very expensive indeed. And you usually get what you pay for which means that the cheap ones are not worth the trouble of buying them. Since the cheapest candles are not good and great wax candles can cost too much money, you may be wondering if you have any other alternatives. Well, guess what? You do! You can always make your own personal.

Making your own wax candles is not quite as arduous as you may think and

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we’re going to tell you exactly how to carry it out. Simply read on and get yourself a few supplies and you will be creating your own personal hand dipped candles in no time.

Before you get under way, you are going to need to go to an art supply shop to get hold of some materials for your candles. The good news is that the supplies are easily found and shouldnt cost much. All you require is little bit of candle making wax and a selection of candle wicks. Then you will also require coloring and scents of your choosing. You also want a double boiler, a wooden spoon and a stove. A thermometer will also help you make sure the water is warm enough for your wax.

Stages of candle creation.

1. Now that you have your supplies, you are poised to commence. Get a piece of wax and smash it up into smallish segments.

2. Now heat the water in the double water boiler and add the crushed wax. Now use your thermometer and be sure the wax reaches up to


160 degrees.

3. Stir the candle wax and put in your colour choice a little at a time until you get the color of choice.

4. Now you want to add the scent if you are going to utilize one. Be sure the wax stays the correct temperature while you are stirring and adding.

5. Now cut down your wicks to the length you desire. Begin dipping the candlewick into the hot wax.

6. Pull the candle wick out and allow it to cool. Carry on dipping and cooling until your candle is the length you want.

7. Don’t stop until you dip your candle wick for the very last time and let the candle cool to the desired temperature.

8. When the candle has entirely cooled, you can start to cut away the surplus candlewick and your fantastic candle is now in a condition to utilise.

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I hope you enjoyed the article on Candles and Candle Making! Better yet, I hope you seriously explore the possibility of setting up your own Candle Making Business. It will be a lot of fun and give you some extra spending money.....who knows, maybe you'll give Martha Stewart some competition :)

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