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Buying a gift for the person who has everything is difficult. Sometimes you just don't know someone well enough to pick out a gift that he or she might like, as when visiting a friend's family over the holidays or meeting your in-laws-to-be for the first time. That is when a candle gift set would come in handy. You can either order these from reputable gift shops or candle stores, or you can try making one yourself. Then drop it off or ask someone to deliver it for a professional touch.

Visit a nearby craft store that carries candle products or go to one of the many that are available online for ideas and shopping options. You can find kits for making your own candles, or ready-made candles to be used for a plethora of decorating purposes. This is a good time to get the gift basket or decorator vase that will hold your gift candle and any accessories you choose to add. Browse the web pages that provide plentiful ideas to consider for holidays, birthdays, and special events of all kinds, such as anniversaries, promotions, or new homes.

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Candles come in many different sizes, shapes, designs, styles, colors, and scents. You can get a votive candle for spiritual or reflective connotations. There are also thick, scented candles or those that fill jars and other containers. These self-contained products are easy to manage and clean to use, with caution. The variety of colors, some plain and others mixed, adds a festive touch to any gift combination that you make up.

Decorator items for your candle or gift basket might include lace, ribbon, sequins, glitter, a fabric basket liner, and supplies for arranging things, like scissors, a glue gun, and gift tags. Often you can get things like this at the dollar store or discount shop. Shop for coordinating or matching colors and styles to give your basket a professional look.

Accompanying gift items could include bath oil or scented soap that matches the candle fragrance, a small box of specialty chocolates, gourmet tea bags, or a cute stuffed toy. Designer hand gloves, a name mug, or an inexpensive (but not


cheap) piece of jewelry might fit well. Look for wrapping materials like decorative paper, a box that will fit all, or colored cellophane wrap to enclose the gift for the recipient. Add an attractive nametag, if desired.

Be sensitive to the possibility of someone's having an allergy to a candle product. For example, some candles come in scents that bother those with allergies to a certain fragrance, like roses, so you will want to find out in advance and choose another scent. Beware of lead wicks, too, as these can release subtle but troublesome amounts of lead into the air while burning.

Then arrange your gift basket in an attractive display that will make the receiver feel special. Everyone appreciates the thoughtfulness and creativity that comes with a homemade present made of quality materials that are useful and pretty to look at.

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