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I have reviewed and compiled a series of articles regarding Candle Making that will help you with a variety of different aspects regarding candles. I love candles, they smell so good and create such a festive mood. Read through these Candle Articles and either enjoy your candles more or even consider making a little extra money with your candle making hobby!

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Most people, especially women have a special affinity for candles. The candle-lit dinner, the relaxing bath by candlelight, even the candles on the kid’s birthday cake are but a few of the ways we enjoy candles. Candles can set the mood for almost any occasion, even if the occasion is simply to forget the day and relax.

If you’ve purchased very many candles, you’ve learned the cheapest candles are not necessarily the best, nor are the most expensive candles the best. The problem often comes between the candle color and fragrance. You may love the color, and hate the fragrance, or you may hate the color and love the fragrance of the candles. The best
solution for these problems with candles is to make your own.

Making Hand Dipped Candles is not as hard as you may first imagine. With just a few materials, a bit of time, a little creativity, you’ll have perfect candles to enjoy. You will need: paraffin wax, a double boiler, wooden spoon, candy thermometer, coloring, scents,
wicks, and a stove. The size of the wick you purchases is important to the size of the candle you want. The size of wicks increases in ½ inch increments.

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A good rule of thumb is to buy the size of wick that you want your candle to be. A ½"
wick is suitable for a candles that will be ½" in thickness. A 1" wick is suitable for candles that will be 1" in thickness. The materials for making candles can be found in most craft shops.

Making Hand Dipped Candles
1.Cut or break your wax into small pieces.
2.Bring the water to a gentle boil. Place the wax in the double boiler.
3.Stir the wax until it reaches a temperature of 160 F (Test the temperature with a thermometer that is placed in the center of the melted wax).
4.Add small amounts of your color until you have reached the desired shade. The shade will be a bit lighter when it cools. You can test your candles for color by allowing a spoonful to dry on a plate.
5.If you want scented candles add the scent. Make sure the wax stays melted. Check to make sure the temperature of the wax is staying at 160F. 6.Next, cut the wick to the desired length of candles plus a little extra to hold as you make the candles. Example: If you want two 6 inch candles, cut about 15 inches of wick. You will be making two at the same time. Double the wickover your finger.


7.Dip the wick in the wax for a few seconds then lift out. Allow the wax to cool between dippings. At first, this may be a little tricky as the wick floats on top of the wax until it becomes more weighted. Be careful to make sure the wet candles are kept seperate from each other.

8.Continue on with the repeated dipping and cooling. Repeat this until the candles have
reached the thickness that you desire. 

9.Gradually increase the temperature until it reaches around 180 F and then dip the pair into the wax for one final time. Now gently lift them out and let them cool completely. Once the candles have cooled, use a sharp knife to trim the bottom  to create a straight bottom for your candles.

10. Cut the wick. Your candles are complete and ready for use.

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I hope you enjoyed the article on Candles and Candle Making! Better yet, I hope you seriously explore the possibility of setting up your own Candle Making Business. It will be a lot of fun and give you some extra spending money.....who knows, maybe you'll give Martha Stewart some competition :)

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