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Do you like decorating with candles in your home? Almost any room in the house or an apartment can accommodate candle use, as long as you set it up safely and don't leave candles unsupervised. Although you may think of candles primarily as table ornaments or birthday decorator items for a cake, there are many uses to which you can put candles, and their accessories, to make your home more warm and inviting.

Consider adding wall sconces along your central staircase. Use the electric kind to prevent fire hazards. These candles may run from batteries in their base or by electric plug-in cords. Wall candles add a lovely, romantic feel to a stairwell, creating a sense of intimacy and perhaps an old fashion look to blend with your decorating style. Wall sconces work well outside oft-used rooms, like the bathroom, as well as home offices, dens, and family rooms. You can get faux candles for your sconces just to be sure no one accidentally lights them to create a potential fire hazard.

Votive candles add a decorative

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touch around the holidays, especially. Set out a candle ring of plastic, vinyl, or fabric flora, taking care that it is fireproof before lighting the candle at its center. Smaller candles can be placed around the main one as accents in color-coded arrangements that emphasize certain holiday or pastel shadings for purposeful design. Votive candles may be white, but then are placed inside colored glass holders. These make great Advent or Easter centerpieces, as well as table decorations for religious celebrations like First Communion, baptism, or church membership.

Large, round candles help to create attractive centerpieces for holiday themes, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or even Memorial Day. Trim the candle base with related decorator craft items, albeit it fabric, flowers, or a basket, and add whatever else helps to make the candle fit the occasion.

Special dinner celebrations can be commemorated with candle centerpieces or candelabra in the center of the table or on a side area, like a buffet.


The candelabra may represent spiritual significance for events like Passover or Christmas, or they can simply add a romantic touch to the evening. Use a flame quencher to put out each candle when you are ready to extinguish them.

Candles do not need to be lit to become part of an attractive centerpiece or decorator item. For example, you can attach a candle to the center of a wreath without lighting it. Candles at either end of your fireplace mantel make a nice touch, as do a cluster of varied size candles in the hearth when your fireplace is not in use.

Use candles to add intimacy, romance, or mysticism to your next gathering for guests or just for your family. Few decorating objects add so much ambiance as a candle, especially one that is scented. Small and tall, or large and wide, candles that are wisely used can bring any room to life.

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