Aromatherapy Candles To Enhance Your Mood

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Candles provide a glowing history as an object of exoticness and reverence; its use is as old as the human history itself. Many great civilizations and modern societies have held candles as an instrument of radiance; its radiance properties surpass any other similar objects. Candles have long been used as a 'mood-setting' addition to a room or occasion and now more innovative aromatherapy candles enhance that goal.

Aromatherapy practice uses natural essential oils that are absorbed through massage, ingestion or olfaction (also called sensory). Aromatic oils are also use to make candles, which candles have a physiological or therapeutic effect on mood through their fragrance. How ever, scented candles should not be confused with aromatherapy candles. Scented candles simply contain a fragrance, most probably artificial, whereas aromatherapy candles contain natural essential oils.

Probably, one of the most well-known aromatherapy oils for alleviating stress and anxiety is lavender. A bowl of floating lavender aromatherapy candles to accompany your bath will help you relax after a long day. A small candle on your dining table will sway your desolate mood in to feeling of satisfaction.

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For every mood and moment, there is an aromatherapy candle. Some of these top-rated essential oils might be found in aromatherapy candles:

Sage: This oil helps with insomnia and relaxation; Chamomile: Exciting oil used for relaxing, helps with sleeplessness and anxiety; Rosemary: An out of the world oil, which is stimulating and uplifting and good for mental stimulation; Grapefruit: Freshly uplifting and refreshing Eucalyptus: A strong oil which helps with respiratory problems and boosts the immune system; Ylang Ylang: Soothing oil as a good antidepressant that helps you relax and sleep; Geranium: Its sober effects help with relaxation while also being uplifting; helps balance hormones in women; Peppermint: Sweet aroma helps with digestive disorders, headaches and muscle aches; Lemon: Invigorating oil which uplifts and relaxes you senses;

As with any health product, you should understand what you are using when burning aromatherapy candles. You must know which type of oil is used in your candles. Certain essential oils can be harmful; it is always advised to be careful. Any type of candle can be formulated to serve as an aromatherapy candle, whether it's a floating, pillar, gel, votive or even jar candle.

Even though the doubts around the effectiveness aromatherapy are still present, all of us do know that candles and aromas are effective for evoking mood and emotions. You will notice candles labeled as "aromatherapy" candles range greatly in price; the price ranging from a low to high cost depending on the quality and availability of oil. Several factors effect the price such as types and qualities of wax, additives or purity, as well as other factors related to manufacturing. How ever, one main ingredient which can make or break the success of


a candle as well as the price is its fragrance. You can make your own aromatherapy candles too at your home! The best waxes for aromatherapy candles are of course a bit more expensive. Many natural waxes such as soy, palm and beeswax burn cleaner and do not emanate soot and are not petroleum or polymer based such as paraffin or gel waxes.

More natural cotton or zinc core wick should be used instead of leaded wick because of health hazard issues. Instead of adding dye to color the candle, include natural substances like herbs and flower petals. Always use pure essential oils for fragrance. This is definitely expensive, but worth it plus you can mix and match your own blends. Palm wax or palm/beeswax blend candles are always better, because they burn so long and clean and they blend quite easily with your oils.

Essential oils should be added after the wax has melted and started cooling to preserve the integrity of the fragrance as they easily breakdown and evaporate. Decorating your candle can be as easy as tying a ribbon around it to adding pressed flowers to it. Make several small motiffs or round candles and add to a basket for a great gift idea. Candles attach emotional importance to any occasion and moments; a great aromatherapy candle has that great ability to enhance the mood and ambience of any environment.

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