A Look at Soy Candle Making Supplies

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Soy candle wax was only invented in 1991 but it has already become a very popular wax. There are a number of advantages to using soy wax. First, soy is a natural and long lasting. Soy wax is much less expensive than other natural waxes like bees wax. Soy candles also produce less soot than synthetic candle waxes.

A man named Michael Richards invented soy candle wax in 1991. He had recently entered the candle making supply business earlier in the year. Richards noticed that there was a large consumer demand for natural waxes, but most people could not afford them. He experimented with the waxes and oils of many different plants before realizing that mixing soybean oil with palm oil and coconut oil

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made a great wax. He also mixed a small amount of bees wax into the mixture to make it an even better candle-making wax. By 1995 he had perfected the mix, when soy candle-making supply stores first appeared.

Soy wax has many advantages over other types of candle-making wax. Soy wax is natural -- it does not include petroleum or other environmentally unsafe ingredients that synthetic waxes may contain. Many soy candle-making supply shops only sell wax made with soybeans grown in the United States. Purchasing these supplies helps the farmers that grow the soybeans.

Another advantage of soy wax over synthetic wax is that it gives off much less soot. There is less of a need to clean up after burning


a soy wax candle, and there is no risk of the soot starting a fire.

Soy wax is much less expensive than other natural waxes. It can cost less than half as much as beeswax. Candle makers who want to use a natural wax but can't afford bees wax are advised to try soy wax.

Soy wax is a great alternative to synthetic wax. It is all-natural and is much less expensive than bees wax.
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