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glass art designs by Liz Parat
Art on Glass by Liz Parat, glass art designs

Elizabeth Parat has been an artist at heart and hand all her life. She has the unique ability to combine paint and brush to just about any medium. She learned to paint with oil from an early age and progressed with her education studying various artists. Her technique and further love of art grew while under the tutalige of Lou Taylor, famous Midwestern Watercolor artist.

While taking time off to raise her family of 3 boys and 1 husband, during this time, Liz kept her skills strong with a variety of projects. As family responsibilites have eased she has began to increase the amount of work dedicated toward the creation of various projects.

Art on Glass has been a labor of love, producing a great variety of creations. Anything from exquisite one of a kind hand painted designs on $500 vases to the same quality painting on wine glasses. Glassware of just about anykind and shape can be painted with abstract or natural flower designs. Almost all of her designs are inspired from creations of nature, whether it is a brillant sunflower or a detailed tulip.

The Nature & Flowered designs are available in sets corresponding to the seasons. These sets are suitable for elegant entertaining or just sitting around the pool sipping ice tea. Whatever the occaison you can be sure your guests will be impressed with the beautiful glassware set you'll be entertaining with. In fact some folks simply keep these items for display, as fine works of art!

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The Christmas Season is here and Liz, along with her elves have been very busy! Time is closing in on December 25, 2007 and the end of the year. Liz has been busy creating a collection of beautiful new designs. Some are bear the mark of Christmas, green, red, and other beautiful Christmas colors. Must have Glass items for entertaining and "impressing" friends and relatives. These wine glasses are so beautiful, you're going to want to place them in showcase! Don't forget to watch those little brats, you're not gonna want to see these collection pieces, in pieces. (When we had young children, they were angels, I simply don't know what's happening these days)

Avoid the Christmas rush. Take a look at some of these new designs and place an order. Once the your order is placed and paid for it will be fulfilled and shipped express mail, getting to you before Christmas. Please check out the product pages for more details on ordering!

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You probably didn't know this. Liz is a busy Lady. Click on this Link and take a look at an Awesome e-book Christmas Collection. You know, everybody is buying ebooks these days.

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Example of Wall Painting
Custom painted designs by Liz Parat

• Other Projects

Window Frames

Liz's Floral and Nature designs can be applied to a variety of projects other than glassware. One of the specialty items is custom painted antique window frames. These are usually old wood window frames with divided lites in which various designs are painted. These windows are often hung from ceilings or in windows as sun catchers. Finishes can vary, from solid colors to an antiqued crackled finish. These are available on a custom basis, or as we find various window and door frames. You can email us to check availability.

Wall Designs
Another favorite among clients is accents of floral designs along windows, doors, cabinets and other areas within your residence to highlight specific areas. The beauty of hand painted designs strategically placed within your favorite room creates a definite air of distinction. Liz has left her mark in just about every room of the house. She's done work for design firms, and has done more than one project for ALA Architects. Click here to view examples.

Another area that has kept Liz busy is placing her designs on various pieces of furniture. Look at the graphic at the top of this web page. On the left is an older table that was painted white Click Here, Liz stategically placed an intricate design in the corner of the table, creating an awesome focal point in this client's room. Her designs have been placed on tables, dressers, chairs, rocking chairs, and any type of cabinet. You're only limited by your imagination!

Sunflower Collection inspired by Lara LarsonSpecial Projects
Liz will consider any special project you might have in mind. Logistics can be worked out depending on the size and location. Drop us h a brief description of your project and we can discuss the details.

Keep tuned to this page for special projects. In fact, Liz has a special project in the conception stage. It revolves around a Christian theme and memorial for our special friend Lara Larson who went Home to be with the Lord in 2004. The income from this project will be used to spread God's Word and do special projects with Lara's 7 young children. Take a minute and fill out the following form, we'll keep you on our mailing list, keeping you informed of specials and other events, along with seasonal decorating tips. Click Here.


Manyclients hire Liz for special projects. References available.

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